Pedego Kailua, LLC Electric Bicycle Store Extends Store Hours. Now Open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Daily.

| 2017/10/24 |


Hello, Fun…Pedego Kailua, LLC, the very first electric bicycle store in Kailua, extends store

hours. Now open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily! Pedego Kailua, LLC offers a casual, cool and

fun way to see Kailua and Lanikai Beach for both local residents and visitors. Pedego Kailua,

LLC is offering hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rentals of electric bikes and daily tours at

affordable pricing! Pedego electric bicycles are also available for purchase. Located on 319

Hahani Street, Pedego Kailua is a short bike ride away from beautiful Kailua Beach and Lanikai



“We are pleased with the support and response that the local residents and businesses have

shown us in introducing a very eco-friendly green solution to reducing traffic and carbon

emissions in Kailua,” says Mark Librie, Kailua resident and owner of Pedego Kailua, LLC. “Its

very exciting that there is so much interest in electric bicycles in Hawaii! Since opening in 2013

Pedego Kailua has already sold thousands of Pedego electric bicycles to friends and neighbors

in the Hawaii community! Most of the sales have been in pairs to couples who are rediscovering

the joy and romance of bicycle riding together! For many, it’s like being a teenager

again and it is amazing to see so many people having so much fun!” Give us a call to schedule a

FREE Pedego test ride or guided tour of Kailua. See what everyone is raving about! For a

limited time, receive a FREE sticker with your rental (minimum 2-hour rental) or purchase of a

Pedego electric bicycle (while supplies last).


2-Hour “Get to know Kailua” Tour - $149.00

Say “Aloha” to fun! Join a guided adventure of beautiful Kailua Town on an electric bike tour!• Venture past some of Kailua Town’s trendy boutiques and renowned restaurants

• Travel to the Rice Plantation workers village ruins at Ulu’ po He’eau

• Take in the unforgettable scenery of Hawaii’s landscapes from Aalapapa Point Lookout

• Ride over to Lanikai and stop at a secret local beach

• Enjoy a special catered lunch at Whole Foods Kailua

4-Hour “Hidden Kailua” Tour - $259.00

An adventure awaits with the chance to experience some of Kailua’s offbeat, secret locations

on a guided electric bike tour.• Ulu’po He’eau with a visit to the ruins of the Rice Plantation workers village

• Stories of ancient Kailua and its historical inhabitants

• The wetlands of a bird sanctuary on the Kawainui Marsh Dyke path

• The streets of Kailuana and President Obama’s Christmas vacation house

• Aalapapa Point for photo opportunities and a ride around “da loop”

• A secret beach for a quick stop and chance to dip your feet in the crystal clear waters

• Tasty delights with a special catered lunch from Whole Foods

Pedego Kailua, LLC

 319 Hahani Street

 Kailua, HI 96734

Tel: (808) 261-2453